Digital Hunaudaye


Digital Hunaudaye is an innovative concept that combines film, an interactive terminal, and tablets to give visitors an in-depth look at the Château de la Hunaudaye’s 800-year history.

The 5-minute film La Hunaudaye 3D introduces viewers to the major stages of the castle’s construction and explores the history of the Tournemine family, who built this castle to the scale of their ambition.


Interactive terminal

With its 3 applications, the interactive terminal takes you on a time-travelling tour of the castle interiors.

Explore the beautiful panelled ceiling of the 14th-century great hall, and then take a closer look at some late-Middle Ages living quarters.

You even get your chance to raise and lower the drawbridge !




In July and August, you can take a guided tour with interactive tablets to explore enriched content ! From the 6 reconstructed points of the castle, activate your tablet and take a leap back in time. Explore the secrets of the 1400s and thrill to the wonders of the 16th century. A guide will accompany you on your visit to answer all your questions and allow you a glimpse of areas closed to the public. Archival images add to the view from this window on the past.



Enhancing accessibility

A tablet is permanently available near the gift shop and reception desk.

It has been specially designed to offer visitors with disabilities access to a variety of content via an interactive tablet.

This tablet continuously screens the film “La Hunaudaye 3D” with French sign language interpretation, and a QR code application allows visitors to view the castle in 3D.