The Association : history and objectives


Formed in 1976 with its inclusion in the 31st May edition of the French Government Official Journal, the Association du Château de la Hunaudaye has its headquarters at Plédéliac Town Hall.

It is open to the public in the spirit of discussion, sharing and friendship.


Origins and history

From its 1930 Government acquisition until 1970, the Château de la Hunaudaye lay dormant while nature, brambles and ivy took over. In 1943, the castle was caught up in the tide of history, providing shelter and refuge to resistance fighters and Maquis. Later, during peacetime, the romantic castle ruins became a favourite spot for local youths. During the 1970s, locals aware of the value of this heritage site became concerned by the condition of the monument and the lack of safety for walkers. The Historical Monuments programme allocated an exceptional grant of 500,000 Francs for restoration, structural reinforcement and security. The Secretary of State for Tourism contributed a further 30,000-Franc grant for the construction of a new footbridge (where the drawbridge once stood). Then, in 1976, an association was formed to oversee the castle’s conservation, caretaking and upkeep, and to organise tours and develop its historical value. Since it was founded, the Association has continued this work in partnership with Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor, which has owned the site since 2008.


The Association’s objectives are to oversee the castle’s conservation, activities and management.

In practical terms, this involves organising caretaking, opening hours and public tours, as well as developing the site’s tourism potential and its promotion both locally and further afield.

The Association’s main activities are defined by its Scientific and Cultural Project (PSC), and include :

  • event-hosting and tourist offerings;
  • a robust educational service for this cryptic castle, including a full educational programme and diverse tour materials;
  • and new visitor experiences in the restored castle (temporary exhibitions, themed children’s workshops, open-air cinema programmes, unique events, etc.)

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