Venue hire

The Château de la Hunaudaye rents out rooms to businesses for private professional functions such as General Assemblies, plenary meetings, conferences, PR events or drinks receptions. Our exceptional surroundings and high-quality exhibitions make the castle a unique setting for your gathering. Holding an event in such a historic location will certainly add flair to your business’s communication strategy.

In the heart of the lords’ private living quarters, we can offer you a space to host your private event in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Or you may choose to entertain your guests in the castle courtyard, where temporary covered spaces can be provided. All areas of the castle may be rented, in whole or in part, and we can provide additional equipment tailored to meet your needs and those of your guests.

We invite you to extend your stay with a private tour of the castle or exhibition, offering members of your party a magical moment outside of opening hours, and an exclusive shared cultural experience.

To ensure that your event is one-of-a-kind, our staff are available to help you plan your bespoke project in connection with the many cultural experiences offered by the site.

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